Our team



Linda is one of our Expanded Function Dental Assistants.  She joined our team in 2013 and we feel very fortunate to be able to work with her.  Linda has worked in Pediatric Dentistry for over 28 years.  “The opportunity to work with children is a joy and I can’t imagine doing anything else.  Pediatric dentistry has been my love for over 28 years.”  Linda is originally from Beavercreek, OH and currently resides in Jamestown, OH.  She enjoys reading, knitting, spending time with her new grand daughter and watching her sons soccer games.  Fun fact:  Linda and Dr.  Sherman worked together in Beavercreek, OH when Dr. Sherman was first starting to practice pediatric dentistry.



Vicki  is the Administrative Manager for our office.  She started in dentistry as a dental assistant and has worked in the field for over 30 years.  She joined our team in 2003 and we are so lucky to have her.  She is committed to our mission of providing top notch care to our little patients and with her joking nature and infectious laugh, makes patients and parents feel at ease.  Vicki is a Cincinnati native and loves spending time with her children and grandchildren, likes to read and enjoys outdoor activities.



Melissa is one of our Registered Dental Hygienists.  She obtained her Associates degree in applied science and her Dental Hygiene license in 2001 from Lake Land College in Mattoon, IL.  She moved to Cincinnati and joined our practice in 2004.  “I enjoy working with children because it is rewarding to encourage little hearts on how for properly care for their teeth.  I take pleasure in caring for a child at a very young age and watching them grow into adulthood.”  Melissa likes scapbooking, couponing, shopping, hiking and spending time with her family.  She is very crafty and loves to decorate the office.



Bonnie  has been with the practice since 2009.  She started as a chairside assistant but completed additional training  at Sinclair College to become an Expanded Function Dental Assistant in 2013.  She obtained her Coronal Polishing Certificate at the same time.  Bonnie always has a smile on her face and a very gentle manner.  She is a Cincinnati native and enjoys hiking, camping, reading, cooking, and spending time with her family and pets.





Ashley  joined our team in 2016.  Her contagious smile made her a perfect fit for our front desk receptionist.  Ashley began her career in dentistry back in 2012 working for a family dentist but gravitated to pediatric dentistry because she “wanted to create a positive experience out of something that can be scary to kids”.  She does a great job putting families at ease.  Ashley enjoys baking, crafts, spending time with her boys and family, and being outdoors.